This agreement is between _______________________________ (Landlord) and________________________________________________ (Tenant), who will occupy the rental property at: ____________________________________________________________. This agreement is entered into on ________________and occupancy by said tenants shall begin on ____________________.

The period of this lease agreement is a 1 year .

1. Rental Charge

  • Rent shall be $____________ per month, paid in advance, upon the first day of each calendar month.
  • If rent is not received within 1 day after due date, tenant agrees to pay a late charge of $35.00.
  • Tenant agrees to pay $35.00 for each dishonored check.
  • Mail rent by the 1st to: PO Box 365 Independence IA 50644 or pay online at Cozy.com

2. Utilities

  • Tenant will be responsible for all electric, heat, water, sewer and garbage payments and deposits.

3. Security Deposits

  • A security deposit of $_________ is required to insure proper care of the said property. This deposit shall be paid in full.
  • Deposit shall be returned if tenant leaves property in satisfactory condition.

4. Insurance

  • Landlord shall carry insurance on the building and tenant may carry content insurance.

5. Notice

  • A thirty day notice to vacate is required to vacate said property after the 12 month lease period has expired.

6. Repairs and Maintenance

  • All repairs or decorating shall be approved by the landlord.
  • All yard care, including mowing and raking, shall be the tenant's responsibility.
  • All snow removal shall be the tenant's responsibility.

7. Sub-Leasing

  • The tenant shall not sub-lease said property without landlord's written approval.

8. Pets

  • NO pets will be allowed without prior approval and additional pet deposit.




Landlord / Date

____________________ ________ SS#________

Tenant / Date

____________________ ________ SS# ________

Tenant / Date