The purpose of a deposit is to cover cleaning expenses of a dirty or damaged house. It is not for paying the last months rent

It is far less expensive for you to clean up after you move out than for us to pay a cleaning service to do it. Dirty floors, walls, kitchens and bathrooms are the most common areas left unfinished. Many people are so excited about their new home that they forget about the one being left. Not only does the cleaning get expensive so does the down time of an empty house while being cleaned. Occasionally people will leave behind large or heavy items they longer want with the rationale "the next renters might want it". They don't and neither does Disposal of left over items is another job best left to the renters. Below is a list of minimun expenses that will subtract from your refund if left unfinished.

  • Unmowed yard ...$35
  • Boxes and garbage ...$20 minimum
  • Dirty floors...$200 minimum
  • Dirty walls ...$50 minimum
  • Nail holes $3 each
  • Dirty bathtub $50
  • Dirty sink $25
  • Damaged or missing blinds $15 each
  • Broken windows or screens $25 minimum
  • Abandoned furniture or appliances $75 each

These are the most common deposit issues. You can see how expensive cleaning a house can be if left unfinished. We recommend asking for a final walked through with a manager after you are finished. They will tell you what, if any more work is required to receive a full deposit refund.